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Common Questions to All of Our Tours

1.      What does my tour insurance cover?

A.      The insurance coverage for injury is up to 1,00,000,000 Baht for age 16 to 74 years old.  500,000 Baht  for Children age between 1 to 15 years and 75 years and older. 


2.      What is the cancellation policy?

A.     More than 24hrs. before the tour starts - 100% refundable

        Within 24hrs. of starting of the tour - 50% refund

        On the same day of the tour - 100% non-refundable


3.      How do I pay for the tour?

A.      There are two options: 

1. PayPal (Credit card, there is a 4.4%fee.)

2. Cash payment on the tour day

For the Paypal payment, we will send a payment request to the email address you specify.  Bank transfer to Thai bank and US bank are also available upon request.


4.      What happens if it rains?

A.      Our tours run either rain or shine.  We have only cancelled one tour out of five years due to bad weather (Heavy thunderstorm) in Bangkok.  We are equipped with rain ponchos and some umbrellas.  In case of heavier rain, we will take acover under a bridge or other adequate place(s) to wait-out the rain and proceed only when safe.


5.      What happens if our guide is late?

A.      We will try our best to notify you in case of any delay by telephone to your or hotel number or with internet technology. If you don't hear from us after the tour starting time passed, please contact us via hotel concierge or BTS station office.  (BTS station officer can also help you to call us.)


6.      What happens if guests are late?

A.      If it is possible, please call/email us.  We will wait for you at the meeting point (BTS station or hotel lobby) for 45min. even if we don't hear from you.  We might end the tour at a later time than on our Itinerary, but our guide reserve the right to end the tour on time.


7.      Do you recommend the tour to children?

A.      Yes.  Our tour is child-friendly.  Please have them wear non-slippery sandal/shoes as well as active-wear.  We try our best to provide your child food that he/she can eat.  But if they have some specific food they prefer, please bring it with them.


8.      Do you recommend the tour to old people?

A.      We had some guests who had physical difficulties including pregnant person and person with wheelchair; however, small boat tours require the physical ability to climb in and out of the boats(i.e., no stairs) when the water is low(Canals in Bangkok are tidal).  Please check these details with us in advance.  


9.      Do you recommend the tour to a disabled (handicapped) person?

A.      We had some guests who had physical difficulties including pregnant person and person with a wheel chair; however, small boat tours require the physical ability to climb in and out of the boats (i.e., no stairs) when water is low (it changes along with the ocean tide). Please ask us details in advance.  


10.    Do you have a pick-up/drop-off service?

A.      We offer two different options:

1.      Navigation Service from your hotel to the boat by a guide (See below for the details)

2.      Van pick-up or/and drop-off service is available at 1,250THB/group/one-way or 2,500THB/group/both-ways


10.      What is the "Navigation Service"?

A.        It is a service to send our guide to navigate guests from their hotels to our boat.  We use public transportation, mainly BTS Skytrain and/or taxi.  The cost of tickets/meter to be paid by guests.  Please ask us if this service is available at your hotel location.


11.      How do we meet with your guide?

A.       Our guide usually prepares a sign of your name.  He/she should be by the ticket machine or reception desk at your hotel unless we specify another location on the email.


10.      What is the dress code for temples?

A.      It will be a good idea to cover shoulders and avoid shorts and mini-skirt.  For Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew),  we will send the specific dress code once tour reservation is made.

Questions related to Small Teak Boat Canal Adventure

1.      What is the difference between Weekday and Weekend Tour?

a.      The main difference between weekdays and weekends is that during weekdays, we go to a morning market whereas on weekends, we go to a local floating market. In general, weekday tours are quieter and peaceful and relaxing.  Weekend tours are vibrant and uplifting.  If you are particularly into seeing a market, please let us know.  We would recommend the tour to start earlier than regular meeting time.


2.       Where is the meeting point?  Is it difficult to get to?

a.       BTS Skytrain Wutthakat station, East side ticket machine (towards exit #3&4)  BTS station is easier to get to from Sukhumvit and Silom area.  If you are on the Sukhumvit line, it requires a transfer at BTS Siam Station. If you are outside of these areas, please ask us.  Here is the map online.


Questions related to Floating Market + River Boat Ride Tour

1.      What is the difference between this tour and the Small Teak Boat Canal Adventure?

a.      The Floating Market (Domnoen Saduak and/or Amphawa Floating Market) is located in a much more rural setting than the Small Canal Adventure where we explore within Bangkok canals.  And it take about 1 hour to drive out to the first destination without much traffic.


2.      What are the differences between Weekday Tour and Weekend Tour?

a.      During the weekdays, we have only Domnoen Saduak Floating Market open in Bangkok and surrounding area.  That is why we go to this market.  For the weekend, you also get to see Amphawa Floating Market which opens in the afternoon.  For the guests who have experienced the Domnoen Market, we can also substitute the market with Thaka Floating Market (more local and rural setting) on Saturdays and Sundays.


3.      Where is the meeting place?  Is it difficult to get there?

a.      BTS Krung Thonburi station, West side ticket machine (towards exit #2)

BTS station is easier to get to from Sukhumvit and Silom area.  If you are on the Sukhumvit line, it requires a transfer at BTS Siam Station.  If you are outside of these areas, please ask us.


Questions related to Bangkok Classic Tour

1.      What is different from Small Teak Boat Canal Adventure?

a.      This tour takes you to landmarks such as the Grand Palace/Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho.  Also you can choose to stop at museum(s) instead of temple(s) if you have already been to some of these temples or have a religious restriction.


2.      What is the mode of transportation use for this tour?

a.       We will use public transportation system in Bangkok, BTS Skytrain, taxi, tuk-tuk, ferry, and/or Chao Phraya Express Boat.  


3.      Where is the meeting place?


a.     Guests' accommodation


4.      What is the Half-day tour option?

a.      It is a tour only covers landmarks and we are not going to the canals in the afternoon.  



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